19 Trillion Dollars is Up for Grabs!

‘Is security important to you and your connected product?’, that’s the question I asked at the beginning of March.

I was flabbergasted when 35% of developers said that it wasn’t and only one-month later Wind River, a subsidiary of Intel, acquired Arynga – a company providing security software to the automotive industry.

While many see the need for security in automotive software, where do we start deciding security isn’t important? Could it not be that security needs to be built into every aspect of your connected world? One simple lapse in the security of one of your connected devices could be the hook needed to compromise another.

Cisco believes secure over-the-air update technology is expected to be worth $19 trillion (USD) by 2022 and an IoT Evolution article quoted a company focusing on OTA technologies for the automotive market, stating OTA will be the foundation pillar for the entire industrial IoT segment.

For those creating connected products, being part of a $19 trillion industry is huge. Getting to be part of that industry means designing products with security in mind now. Waiting until you have had a breach is too late as your brand will be tarnished and your competitors will leverage the issue to entice away your customers.

Ensuring security needn’t be difficult, companies are already making the appropriate technologies available and CEOs responsible for the long term success for their company must ensure developers have the support to develop with them.

Zentri is one of those companies providing these technologies. Zentri’s technology is designed to ensure applications and the data are protected both while at rest and while in motion.

By: Nick Dutton

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