See how one of the most innovative electric car charging companies used Zentri to launch a secure, reliable, Wi-Fi product consumers and businesses love.

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  • Inability to launch its current product due to low wireless connectivity, e.g. 50% intermittency.
  • Find a new IoT solution with secure, reliable connectivity.
  • Integrate with the current product’s components.
  • Receive attentive customer support.


  • Zentri’s Secure IoT Platform with ZentriOS running alongside the ATmega328 microcontroller (its original design) and integrating with the cloud services.
  • Mobile app developed and connected to the product with Zentri’s Mobile App Libraries and SDK.


  • Strong, secure, consistent Wi-Fi connectivity of 99% between ZentriOS, cloud services, and mobile application.
  • Customers always receiving the product’s latest version from OTA updates.
  • Reduced time to market on all product launches with a scalable IoT solution.
  • Near-instant support responses with max of 24 hours.