A Unique Approach to Connected Experiences Requires a Unique Set of Partners

Zentri believes in a vibrant ecosystem that includes cloud service providers, hardware platforms, analytics platforms, and system integrators. Our partners use Zentri’s Secure Connected Product Platform interfaces to drive both technical outcomes and business outcomes for product companies that need an agile ready-to-connect solution.

Cloud Services Partners

Be the cloud service of choice for your IoT customers. Zentri Cloud Connector enables customers to connect Zentri’s platform to their own cloud and monitor, control, and store analytics. Zentri speeds up the time to connect to your cloud by providing product companies a powerful secure connectivity OS, ZentriOS.

Cloud Partners

Hardware Partners

ZentriOS, a revolutionary secure connectivity operating system, running on your hardware provides you the quickest path to a cloud connected IoT solution. You can get started in a few weeks with a complete device management, monitoring, and control service and offer it to your customers as a flexible packaged solution.

System Integration Partners

Build mobile apps, web apps, and single pane of glass dashboards based on Zentri’s mobile app SDK and REST interfaces for cloud services. Offer your customers out-of-the-box IoT solutions that are secure, reliable, and powerful.

System Integrator Partners