Zentri is Providing an Open Platform that Will Bring your Product into the Connected World — Interview with Zentri by Biz of Things

Zentri was featured in the Biz of Things blog by IoT blog writer Karl Lashkari. Karl interviewed Zentri’s VP Embedded, Nick Dutton and Marketing Manager, Julie Mullins to discuss the Zentri platform and Zentri partnerships. Read about the interview at http://bizofthings.com/zentri/.

In the first blog, “Zentri is providing an Open Platform That Will Bring Your Product into the Connected World,” Karl describes the interview, saying: “The tone of the entire conversation revolved around providing their customers with low cost and flexible solutions, and a path to scale seamlessly and integrate with other hardware and cloud vendors.” This blog shares knowledge on why Zentri chose to offer primarily Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity options for their platform with a look into what options they’re considering for the future and why. It also describes the platform’s flexibility, working seamlessly with a number of cloud and hardware providers. Read the full blog here.

In the second blog, “Zentri’s Platform Recognizes the Value of Partnerships in the IoT Ecosystem,” Karl uncovers the details of the Zentri IoT ecosystem and its approach to open partnerships. Learn more about the blog here.



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